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KCR Class 93 9312 der KRC (Kenya Railways) zwischen Naivasha und Nakuru, Kenia
In 2013 I came to Africa for the first time and spent a good 3 weeks in this beautiful region. Beside countless animal and landscape pictures I got a single track photo of a Kenyan train. Class 93 9312 was on its way from Naivasha to Nakuru, when we passed the container train. Probably it was on the way to Uganda. Quickly I jumped out of the car and searched for a good position. The Kenyan railway has changed a lot since then. With the construction of a standard gauge line from Mombasa to Nairobi the whole railway changed and the narrow gauge trains are more and more displaced. The extension of the line towards Uganda is being pushed forward and the picture shown here is probably not possible anymore. The old locomotives of the GE U26C series were definitely more interesting than the modern Chinese locomotives and also produced an impressive sound.
Baureihe:KCR Class 93
Fahrzeugfamilie:GE U26
Fotograf:Daniel Wipf
Aufnahmedatum:20.09.2013 08:57
Kamera:Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Brennweite:38.0 mm
Belichtungszeit:1/800 s
Empfindlichkeit:ISO 200